The New Natives is a New York City-based theatre company which focuses on producing theatre by emerging artists and bringing unseen international work to American audiences. Formed by Charly Clive and Jillian Geurts in 2015, The New Natives believes in making theatre for the people…contemporary, thought-provoking work that's funny, sad and everything in between - work that challenges audiences and is accessible to all! 
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We at The New Natives believe no story is too large or too small and our mission is to create a platform for writers, directors, actors, designers who want to tell those stories. We want to bring theatre back to the people, by making affordable and accessible work for audiences from all corners of society. We aim to have no target demographic. We strive for artistic excellence and professionalism whether we are presenting work in its earliest foetal stages, or mounting full-scale productions.  Our goal is to create an exchange between artist, audience and community, finding ways to give back and break down the wall between “the art” and the people watching it.