In April 2017, The New Natives brought Camel, written by co-founder Charly Clive, to Under St Marks Theatre in New York.

Camel is a new play by Charly Clive, directed by Michael Bradshaw Flynn. In a small town in suburban America, a town in Virginia, a town with no quarry, Gus Steinem is experiencing loss for the very first time. It's been a week since his long estranged high school love, Louie was found dead and even though he hasn't seen her for years, suddenly she's everywhere.

Camel is a dark comedy about almost love, definite loss and marijuana.


Charly Clive speak to Adam Szymkowicz from ‘I Interview Playwrights’


Talkin’ Broadway: "Playwright Charly Clive and The New Natives are to be commended for their commitment to exploring individuals who are trapped in ‘lives of quiet desperation’…"

Huffington Post: "It is a mysterious yet deeply funny take on friendship, lost love, memory and marijuana…hugely enjoyable play"