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Following on from their Guardian-recommended debut with Britney, the hit comedy on the unlikely subject of a real-life brain tumour, New Native co-founder Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson bring you John: an onstage USA road trip punctuated by documentary footage the pair filmed as overconfident and underprepared 18 year-olds.

For most people, mistakes made as teenagers are confined to a few photos, some anecdotes and a bit of awkward social media. For Ellen and Charly, preternaturally self-assured about their film-making genius, much of it is thankfully saved for posterity in shaky cinema.

John is a sly glance at mythmaking, ignorance and arrogance, through the lens of the Ellen and Charly’s footage of their 2011 journey across the states by Greyhound Bus. It’s a nostalgic and irreverent look back at the pair’s ‘documentary’ based on the founding father, big signatory of the Declaration of Independence and the original unscrupulous businessman: John Hancock. Filled with a cast of transatlantic nonconformists, John is the heartwarming tale of two teenagers embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, and very nearly missing it in their desperate attempt to be film-makers.


EdFringeReview: ★★★★ "At once comforting as it is side-splittingly funny"

Squirrel Comedy: “Laugh out loud... Highly recommended"

Fringe Biscuit: ★★★★★ "Hysterical... Britney have mastered a unique style of multi-format storytelling"

Broadway Baby: ★★★★ "Slick, unexpected and laugh-out-loud funny"

The Panoptic: ★★★★★ "A truly unique comedy... Touching, sharp, and constantly funny" 

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